Our first rock hunt.

Easton, Pa.

We have never done this before February, 20th 2017. After a lot of research on where to go rock hunting in Pennsylvania, Easton kept reoccurring. I read that Easton contains numerous rock specimens and the town was only a little over an hour away!

We  started our hunt along the Delaware River. We parked at a scenic overlook and the walked down to the river. There we found a lot of small tumbled quartz and many others that I am unable to identify.



We decided to look for a stone quarry that wasn’t posted off. This didn’t work very well for us, so after 30 minutes of driving around we decided to go to a popular quarry that was directly across from the Delaware. Instead of trespassing on the quarry we went across the road to the Delaware River. This is where we found HUGE specimens of Eastonite! We found a couple small specimens and a few medium specimens at first. We decided to take the Eastonite up and call it a day! We continued up the hill where I noticed something shiny in the ground. I called Jared over and he pulled it out. Jared hauled the huge boulder up the hill. When we broke into it, we found that it was a huge beautiful boulder full of Eastonite.

 Some of the Eastonite specimens: