I know this for a fact, maybe it’s because I’m one of the lucky ones.

I met Jared in high school. I spent MY WHOLE high school career trying to impress everyone else and never myself. I felt like I was wired to like whatever the new trend was that month. Then for a little while I tried to impress Jared.

Then college came around and all the high school relationships I’d become used to were coming to an end. While everyone was growing out of the trend of high school, Jared and I were growing closer, and becoming way more comfortable.

College was a blessing. College was my time to move away from all the influences I had in high school. It was time for me to learn who I actually was. I didn’t need to break up with Jared to do this. Jared never tried to hold me back in even my craziest hobbies.

We have found ourselves together trough all these hobbies. Our hobbies will be a big part of this blog. We love to travel, no car ride is too long for us. When we travel and even when we don’t we can be found fishing, seashell hunting, rock hounding, hiking, animal watching, making DIY souvenirs, napping, toking, and watching Netflix (currently Friends).

Without Jared I wouldn’t have been able to discover these parts of my soul. He taught me everything I know about fishing (saltwater and freshwater).  We don’t just discover your average shells or rocks either, we are always looking for new places to explore.

Now way more than high school, I know who I am. I know I love the natural world. I know life isn’t about having the nicest Coach purse. Life is about enjoying what has been given to you. If your lucky enough to find your soulmate young, like I was, then you have each other to lean on for years to come.