3/14/17: We made it to our destination, St. Helena Island, SC. We set up camp at what was soon to be the most stressful campground I have ever been at. We made steak and cheese over the fire that night! I loved the white sting lights over our bed as a night light & two cots put together to make a comfy bed! 

3/15/17: We decided since we were so close to Georgia that it would be silly to not visit. We found the Savannah NWR which is part of both SC and GA. We drove quickly through it to reach Savannah, GA. We first stoped at Forsyth Park.

Then we searched for rocks in a creek off the highway by a railroad. I then decided that I might as well take a quick spill into the creek. That would be the reason for my fashionable Dollar General sweatpants.

Lastly, we took the scenic drive at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

We loved the Spanish Moss!!

We saw a lot of Snowy Egrets

We also saw two Anhingas. 

I’m not sure what species of bird this is

We enjoyed hamburger, onion, potato, and carrot foil packs for dinner!

TRAVEL MUST: I would suggest to anyone anywhere to take the scenic drive at whatever NWR you stumble upon while traveling.