3/16/17: We stayed relatively close to St. Helena Island. First we visited the Cypress Wetlands which was located in Port Royal. Though it was a less rural wetland it still offered  lots of wildlife (turtles, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, common gallinule).

Then we went to Port Royal for a well worth, short walk on their board walk to the observation tower. 

We then pulled up the map to find our next destination, which was one of my favorites! Pinckney Island NWR, where we found more snow egrets, a juvenile white ibis, some type of water snake, butterflies, and alligators! There was not driving trail here so we took a long walk to a couple ponds! 

Lastly we stoped at the Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve which was more like your average state park.

We had Fat Patty’s for dinner so we wouldn’t have to eat at the camp ground!

 My review on tuck in the woods campground: This was the worst camping experience I have ever had, although the location is nice everything else about this place was terrible. When I arrived I was placed between two campers (I had a tent), the husband and wife with the cat named Romeo were the nicest people in the campground! Then there was the other man next to us who started his truck right next to out tent at 6:30 in the morning on a 32 degree morning while he enjoyed coffee in his camper and I got to sit in the cold and wait for him to leave after half an hour he did but there was no going back to bed. I then moved to the back of the camp ground (from site 43 to site 63) where the tents were. Then we were graced with no quite hour (music blasting until midnight), illegal drug use, and the logging company next to us loading their 1980 ford at 6:00 in the morning. I have never been to a campground that felt like a trailer park until now, I wouldn’t recommend camping in the off season if you have a tent and plan on getting sleep. WORST of all he didn’t refund us for the night we left early to sleep in a hotel because the camp ground was too loud, we only asked to for ONE night when we should of been refunded the whole trip. ALSO the owners obviously don’t do ANY monitoring at night. He then said we should of called the STRICTLY EMERGENCY ONLY number on the door and asked if we wanted to move sites again! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD TO MOVE SITES IN THE FIRST PLACE.